Are you finding it difficult to review the data and make your findings?

Are you even tracking results using Google’s conversion tracking tool?

Then, you are going into Google Adwords blinded. The internet has revolutionized the way we perform marketing. In this era, there is no such thing as ‘all advertising is good advertising’. The internet has provided us tools to better manage and track our advertising spend to make better decisions. For example, as long as everything is setup correctly, we will be able to understand what keyword achieved an enquiry or sale. From there, we can break it down further and understand what device achieved that sale i.e. mobile verses tablet verses computer, at what hour and location and etc.

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By having access to this data, we can perform experiments to make further tweaks to improve a conversion rate which leads to a better ROI.

Quality Score

A poor structured campaign can cause you to pay more on a pay per click basis. Google Adwords provides a Quality Score for each keyword that exists in your account. The higher the Quality Score (10 being the highest), the cheaper your keyword is.

The myth is that the more you spend on Google, this determines your position and rank on Adwords. While this may hold some basis, it is possible for someone to be positioned 1 in a Google ad and pay less than someone that is positioned 3.

Therefore, a better structured account that generates results will see the Quality Score increase while the average cost per click decrease over time.

What do we do to achieve a better account?

We will review both your website and your entire Adwords campaign and take action to reduce any wastage in advertising spend. You will be surprised how often your ads can appear for search terms not related to your business. For example, if you sold rubber stamps, Google would still show your ad if someone typed a query about postage stamps. Another example is if you sold artificial trees, Google may display ads about a nursery.

Just imagine other examples that cause your ad to appear which means you are wasting money for terms not related to your business.

This is why it is vital to create a structure that will serve your ads to the right people when they search for keywords best suited to your account. This way, you extend your budget without increasing your budget and essentially receive ‘more for less’ with an improved quality score.


We will also consider opportunities to implement in order to extend your online success.

The next step

Send us an enquiry and we can schedule a time to discuss optimsing and restructuring your Google Adwords campaign. From there, we will present our proposal along with costings once we understand your business, account and website.