Traditionally, Google Adwords would display 3 text ads at the top along with an additional 8 text ads running down on the right hand side. This no longer the case.

Google have recently formatted their search results to show 4 text ads at the top and 3 text ads at the bottom of Google results and product image ads to appear on the right hand side. This is a fantastic opportunity for ecommerce websites to showcase their products, including an image, a small description and the price before a user visits your website. How does Google know which product to display when a user searches for something? Well, the ads are shown in relevance to keywords in the user’s search query that match your product.

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This sounds great – how do we make this happen?

Well, there are many processes that need to occur in order to make this work. In general, we do the following for each client campaign:

  • Review the structure of your website including your database that powers your product inventory;
  • With the help of our software engineers, we will develop a way to connect to your database and dynamically produce an XML feed that will format in a correct way for Google to interpret. This logically formats your product titles, the image address, prices and etc. It will be created in a way if a product changes, this XML feed will automatically change without any user input;
  • Once that is done, we will create a Google Merchant account;
  • We then upload the XML feed to Google Merchant and tweak where necessary;
  • Google then uses this XML feed to have an up-to-date count of your products.
  • Once this side has been completed, we then create the campaign in Google Adwords linking your Google Merchant account together.

The end result?

Once your Google Merchant account has been completed, all your products should appear in Google Shopping search engine. Also, as long as your Adwords campaign is active and the product ads have been enabled, Google will display your matching product according to a user’s search query on Google.


Both Google Shopping and Google Merchant have been in operation for a while now but the use of displaying product ads on the right hand side of Google is new. This means that most of your competitors have not considered implementing this and it provides a fantastic opportunity to tap into a new source of marketing on Google.

Consider this – product ads that appear on the right hand side of Google allow consumers to view product ads with images, a small description and price without viewing a website all within the search results page. As long as the customer’s expectation on price or delivery method is met, that user will click on that ad. From there, it may lead into a sale.

The next step

Send us an enquiry and we can schedule a time to discuss Google’s product ads on Adwords. From there, we will present our proposal along with costings once we understand your business, your website and its technology foundation (to create the XML feed) and pricing.