Why? A website is built for the purpose of providing information or educating your potential customer. The reality is that consumers have short attention spans and may not bother reading your content. Users prefer to see visual content. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of your business maximising its results with Google Adwords, we recommend designing and building specific and dedicated landing pages to suit each and every particular service or good that you want to sell.

Think about it this way – do you prefer to hear about a particular product or service from a sales person that will tell you what you want to hear? Or do you prefer to read a brochure with boring information. Most consumers would prefer to hear the information from a sales person than to read something.

So how do we do this? It is the way you represent your content in a dedicated landing page to suit your search query.

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For example, displaying a clear image or video, with dot point information that sells your product or service with a clear to call action message that entices them to take action (sale or enquiry).

Client Experiments

We have experimented with creating dedicated landing pages best suited to generate leads. We essentially highlight important information that a consumer wants to see with a clear and direct call to action for them to contact or purchase from you.

Clients that have adopted landing pages as a source of generating leads from Adwords saw more enquiries without increasing a budget. We compared the results when we used their existing information based website.


We take the approach of displaying a clean, clear and uncluttered message. At the end of the day, we want your users to understand exactly what you do straight away. The second a user is confused, they will leave your website (it also doesn’t help that they will have short attention spans).

Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices

We consider all multi-platform devices such as desktop, laptops, mobiles and tablet devices. We design each landing page to attract its specific use. For example, with desktop, laptops and tablet devices, most users will elect to contact you via email or make a sale without calling you. With a mobile site, most users will elect to phone you instead of emailing you.

This is why it is important that you consider all aspects.

Conversion Tracking

We are able to track all email and mobile enquiries in order to understand your best performing keywords and your overall return on investment. This data assists to take action on opportunities in the medium term.

The next step

Send us an enquiry and we can schedule a time to discuss creating a lead generation option for your business. From there, we will present our proposal along with costings to create and structure your Adwords campaign along with designing a landing page once we understand your business.