Ninja, a digital agency that looks beyond the device and the hardware to keep up with a world in motion. Our offices are home to the best creative minds, strategists and software engineers in mobile.



Our strategies begin with authentic conversations that evolve into strong plans. A carefully crafted process involving discovery and research, as well as feature set road mapping, allows us to understand our clients’ inner workings, and guide them in making smart decisions that help build their businesses.



Combining a wealth of tenure, a passion for simplicity and restless imaginations, our creative team designs intuitive user experiences people fall in love with. Our architects, designers and writers are expert at conceptualising and crafting responsive and adaptive digital solutions for all devices, including smartphones, tablets, phablets, peripherals and larger screen experiences.

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Behind our beautiful interfaces is a web of code so complex that it could only have been written by extremely talented engineers. Our skilled development teams are versed in the myriad mobile languages that support iOS, Android, as well as HTML5. To best assist our clients in creating and maintaining back-end infrastructures, we are experts in API development and integration. Our project process allows our teams to follow agile, combination waterfall-agile and scrum methodologies, among others.

Business Intelligence

We track consumers, not ads – we understand where their journey started, where they are now, and where they are headed, working to understand as much as possible about our audience all along the way.

As a result, we collaborate with all clients in developing processes that promote a more open data flow between our teams, in turn gaining deeper understandings of our marketing performance.